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Living without violence

Domestic violence is a series of repeated acts aimed at asserting the power to dominate the other person. It occurs within a marital orromantic relationship and can happen at any age or stage of life. Violent behaviours are manifest in different ways, through verbal,physical, emotional, sexual or economic abuse.

How to recognize domestic violence

Violent actions are repeated and varied. For example, the violent person might:

  • Devaluate, insult
  • Humiliate
  • Hit, shove
  • Blackmail, threatening
  • Isolate
  • Shout
  • Pound on a wall, hit things or animals
  • Bite, burn
  • Sexually disparage
  • Force a sexual act (without consent)
  • Harass, intimidate
  • Control finances
  • Endanger the family budget by spending excessively
  • Lie
  • Throw tantrums in public or in private

If you think you may be a victim of domestic violence, it is important to talk about it. There are many confidential resources in the Laurentians available to help you.

Living without violence | An anger management program for men

4 Korners offers a 20-week program developed by ACCROC and Paix, geared towards English-speaking men who acknowledge the needto stop using violence in their marital-family life and who wish to activerly develop stronger communication and conflict resolution skills,i.e. listening, speaking up, problem solving and fair negotiation.

Themes to be explored:

  • Understanding anger and violence in self.
  • Body and emotions: underneath anger and fear… shame, powerlessness.
  • Understanding anger in relationships: patterns and attitudes.
  • Triggers: differentiating truths that are difficult to hear or deal with. Dealing with wounds from the past and the sensitivespots they leave behind.
  • Self-talk and the ways we shape our understanding : building up either anger or compassion.
  • Game playing: blaming, guessing, mind-reading.
  • Couple: conflict resolution.
  • Impacts of drinking problems and substance abuse.


  • Small online groups consisting of 4-5 men. Weekly 1hr evening meetings, complimented by ‘personal work’ (videos,documents, exercises).
  • Free and confidential.
  • Open registration. Join any time.

Registration :
1-888-974-3940 | 450-974-3940 ext. 601